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One of the highlights at the Tuolumne Conference in November was the after-dinner “StoryTeller” short presentations in which OWAC members recounted pivotal experiences in their lives that related to their outdoor writing and photography.

The theme was “The Hard Right,” in which they described finding themselves at a crossroads in life with tough decisions to make. Instead of taking the easy road, they decided to take the hard road. Ultimately, it turned out to be the “right” choice.

Because of the popularity of these presentations, they will now become a regular feature in the OWAC Outdoors Newsletter to help us get to know our colleagues better

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Story 1: Richest Man Who Ever Lived at Lake Tahoe

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Peter Schroeder

Peter Schroeder


2021 Fall Conference
Tuolumne County

Registration Closed.
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November 14-17

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