Month: September 2021

cowboy boots in a field of bluebonnets

Raffle Rumble at the 2021 Fall Conference

Please think about what you can bring or send to our Fall Conference. Your donation can be new or lightly used, unique, valuable or not; but in like-new condition. Your donation can guarantee this raffle will be fun, profitable and support our OWAC programs.

President’s Message

OWAC’s fall conference, occurring Nov. 14-17, in beautiful Tuolomne County will be loaded with so many fun outdoor adventures, experiences and excursions that choosing which options will be very challenging.

silhouette of person casting a line, fly fishing, at sunset

Fly Fishing Reading for a Rainy Day

I miss rainy winter days that provide an excuse to stay indoors and read obscure books, such as the chance to read the hundred-year-old fishing books in the library on the UC-Davis campus. Between books I noticed that the rain had stopped. Time to pack up and go fishing.

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