Razor-sharp shot of birds in mid-air took considerable technical skill

Steve Pearce of Santa Rosa knows that bald eagles often can be spotted in the vicinity of Jenner and Goat Rock State Beach in Sonoma County, at the mouth of the Russian River. “A pair of mated eagles can frequently be found here, so I’ll drive out to the coast and look for them,” he says. “Occasionally, there are juveniles. What was interesting this day is that there were hundreds of California brown pelicans flying in from the ocean and landing in the Russian River. And for some reason, this one sub-adult (about 2-1/2 to 3 years old) decided to fly up behind a pelican, talons out. It made slight contact but didn’t drag it down.”

Colusa Refuge Wildlife

There is nothing more mysterious than a flock of geese flying over above the fog – honking, but unseen. All day long in the Fall, they are flying in unseen V patterns. Where are they going? Many are of the geese going to the Colusa National Wildlife Refuge where they are resting during their cross …

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We Can Do This!

I always say, “Give me 90 seconds and I’ll show you the world.” But this is not my promise to you—on the contrary, it’s my challenge.
Story by John C. Robinson

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