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2022 OWAC Excellence In Craft Awards Announced

The 2022 Excellence in Craft Awards were announced at OWAC’s spring conference in Big Bear Lake on May 10, 2022. Award recipients were recognized in 11 different categories. Matt Johanson received OWAC’s most prestigious award …
California Outdoor Communicator of the Year!!

Living With Our Wild Neighbors

Most major cities have nothing but fragmented habitat, and urban wildlife has had to learn to survive in small islands of greenery amidst large swaths of human housing, carefully navigating the unnatural territory. Of course, humans & wildlife often collide, and it seldom ends well for the animals.

Spring is Here and OWAC is Flourishing!

OWAC’s 2022 Spring Conference is returning to the beautiful and picturesque village of Big Bear, May 10-12, for another productive and memorable event. During the conference, the annual Excellence in Craft award winners will also be announced and presented with their prizes.

Defining Ethical Wildlife Photography & Viewing

Quietly sitting alongside the trail, tall grasses covering my presence, small kits begin to emerge from the den. They can’t see me, I am a good distance from them using a long lens, not bothering their morning routine, sitting low, and using the natural elements of tall grasses and hill slope as my

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