Top insider tips on how to become a successful world-traveling freelance adventure writer

I’ve read dozens of guides over the years describing “How to become a freelance writer,” but I can safely say that I picked up more tips and learned more in this one single book than from all the others combined.

For anyone who loves to travel and is trying to figure out how to get paid for it as a freelance writer, this book spells it all out. Tackling the travel expenses is usually the toughest part and what keeps most aspiring writers from quitting their day jobs to pursue traveling and writing full time as their main source of income. In this book, author Peter Schroeder goes through all of this and lays out exactly what to do, how to do it, and he gives all the tips and tricks he’s learned over his uber successful 30-year career traveling around the world as a freelance adventure travel writer.

Schroeder teaches the new writer how to get started. Finding good assignments is always a big factor and covered here. This book focuses on how you can travel wherever you want by finding assignments, getting your travel comped, receive hosted experiences (e.g., guided tours, skiing, sailing, scuba diving, etc.) in each location, all while staying in complimentary upscale accommodations along the way. And best of all, making a good living for all of your hard work.

Along those lines, the author also lays out how to generate multiple stories from each venture to sell to different outlets, and then how to continue to sell those evergreen stories again and again (with some minor updating) for years to come. Everything he describes is ethical and above board, and most importantly, everyone wins and is happy with the results!

I have attended many lectures by this author on these topics in the past and always found them to be very enlightening and inspiring. So, when I found out he’d written this book containing all of his tips and techniques, I couldn’t wait to pick up a copy. And just as I’d hoped, it is packed with professional insider tips with proven results. I can strongly recommend this book for anyone who loves to travel and is considering a career as freelance adventure travel writer. I sure wish I’d known all of this when I was just getting started 25 years ago!

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Carrie Wilson



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