New Year, New Yarn

close up of loom with red, white, and blue yarn
Let's weave some magic!

Each January 1 we awaken with the opportunity to tackle a new year in a new way. A clean slate, an empty book: the pages keen to be written. And as members of OWAC we are irrepressible storytellers! So let this be the new year you weave a new yarn. ‘Tell a fresh story, in a fresh exciting way. ‘Tackle a new medium or platform. And resolve to increase exposure by sharing your good works with OWAC on Facebook and our sensational new website.

We’re living in a digital world, a virtual era, the Age of Aquarius! Email links to your published works to me for posting on our dedicated social media sites, and share your story with the world.

~ Betsy (Crowfoot) Senescu

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Betsy Senescu (Crowfoot)

Betsy Senescu (Crowfoot)


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