Each January 1 we awaken with the opportunity to tackle a new year in a new way. A clean slate, an empty book: the pages keen to be written. And as members of OWAC we are irrepressible storytellers! So let this be the new year you weave a new yarn. ‘Tell a fresh story, in a fresh exciting way. ‘Tackle a new medium or platform. And resolve to increase exposure by sharing your good works with OWAC on Facebook and our sensational new website.

We’re living in a digital world, a virtual era, the Age of Aquarius! Email links to your published works to me for posting on our dedicated social media sites, and share your story with the world.

~ Betsy (Crowfoot) Senescu

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Betsy Senescu (Crowfoot)

Betsy Senescu (Crowfoot)

First hired by a boating news editor in 1995 “against his better judgement” Betsy Senescu has been photographing and writing about boating and the marine environment ever since. In that time she’s sailed more than 50,000 miles (including three Transpacs), traveled on assignment to six continents, done grocery shopping in seven languages, and caught hundreds of fish, but never once attempted to hula (she knows better). Betsy lives with her darling new husband Barry in SoCal, where they race their Class 40 Yippee Kai Yay.


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