OWAC EIC Contest winners won more than certificates this year. 2021 award recipients took home cash… so much so that several multi-category winners earned back not only their entry fees but also several years’ worth of annual dues. Perhaps it was the enticement of cash awards that drew  more EIC Contest entries this year than in ever before. (That’s even more of an accomplishment considering how weird and awful 2020 was.)

The champion winner had three first places in three categories and three thirds in the same three categories. Even those who won third places recovered their $15 entry fees and spare change for a couple of beers.

Awards were almost $1,500 and would have been higher if there had been more entries in the under-represented categories. Those of you who are mathematically inclined can look at the roster of winners on the OWAC website and calculate how much these individuals took home.

A few observations:

  • With 14 cash winners, no individual dominated the award pie, which suggests that every entrant has a good chance of landing in the money.
  • Had more OWAC members entered the EIC Contest—or if each person submitted more entries—they would have stood a good chance of being among the winners.
  • Several categories had only one or two entrants, which, if the judges decide to make awards, guaranteed they would be winners. Under-represented categories include Newsletter, Audio, Video, and Conservation (hint, hint)… good bets for future competitions.
  • These cash awards are not only a benefit for OWAC members but, with enough entries, can increase revenue for OWAC.

The board has yet to decide whether cash awards will be offered again next year and would like to hear thoughts from the membership. Send your comments to [email protected].

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