Since our next conference is not yet scheduled, we thought in the meantime it would be fun to get together in a different way for an evening of outdoor storytelling periodically, by zoom.

Our first storyteller was our own OWAC Board member, Matt Johanson, who presented, “Tales and Trails of California’s Mountains,”

This first program includes tales of adventure, close calls, plenty of incredible photography, area lore and history, and some selections from Matt’s personal video collection. The evening concludes with a quiz game and book giveaway!

Click the link below to enjoy the recorded Zoom event! 

Copy and past this passcode to launch video: U0^qTCf4

Matt Johanson has provided us with a glimpse into the evening’s program:

Prepare to be inspired. Discover little-known waterfalls and scenic outings in Yosemite National Park. Experience the exploits of mountaineering legends Royal Robbins, Lynn Hill and Tommy Caldwell. Learn secrets to success on the John Muir and Pacific Crest Trails. Dare to dream about climbing California’s spectacular mountains, including Half Dome, Mount Whitney, and Mount Shasta. Award-winning author Matt Johanson combines history, photography and decades of personal experiences in “Tales and Trails of California’s Mountains.”

Anyone with an outdoor topic or professional guidance to share, please speak up to get in the que and be scheduled for our future
OWAC OUTDOORS zoom sessions.

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Bob Semerau

Bob Semerau

The many years I have spent running my own business gives me a unique perspective on managing projects and creating effective programs. Coupled with the ten years I have been writing for Western Outdoor News these experiences have allowed me a set of skills perfectly suited for the OWAC Board of Directors. During my tenure as OWAC Vice President we have achieved substantial progress in the way OWAC operates and how we serve our membership. These contributions have been some of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences of my professional life. The further development of the craft awards program, working with each successive chair person, is among the many progressive developments I have accomplished as a volunteer on the OWAC Board. My interest in making OWAC work better, adding value both professionally and personally for each member, is the driving force behind my desire to stay aboard and complete initiatives recently begun. I seek your vote for re-election to the board so I may further the cause of OWAC and its membership and help it to continue to build as a unique, and outstanding, professional organization.


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