Freelance Writing – Hoe to Make Money

by Peter Schroeder

Poverty should not be the price to pay for doing the work that freelancers love. Peter Schroeder, a 30-year freelance writer, debunks this myth so persuasive among others in this field. He presents tips and strategies that enable both beginning and established freelance writers to turn their craft into a highly profitable business.

“To be financially successful,” he says, “Forget the advice of all the other how-to books on freelance writing. They’re all wrong, as I explain in the book.”

Freelance Writing: How to Make Money details the profit-making ways writers can:


  • Travel anywhere in the world—for free
  • Get complimentary accommodations at top resorts
  • Increase income for each article by 50 to 100 percent with minimal effort
  • Find new markets and develop international sales
  • Sell the same articles repeatedly without contractual conflicts
  • Self-syndicate your articles
  • Build your cred as an influencer


Peter Schroeder has written several hundred magazine and newspaper articles on subjects ranging from ocean sailing to downhill skiing to adventure travel. His work has earned him an income of a mid-level executive and, with comped services included, is comparable to that of a corporate CEO.

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Freelance Writing: How to Make Money (2022) is published by Richter Publishing. The book is available on Amazon:

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Peter Schroeder

Peter Schroeder


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