Contest Rules

  1. The purpose of this contest is to reward exceptional “outdoor” journalism (writing, reporting, opinion/editorial, broadcasting, photography, videography/cinematography, and digital communications) produced by OWAC members. Works must have been released during the 2023 calendar year, except for books, which were published within two years between 1-1-2022 and 12-31-2023. Entries should have a clear connection to the outdoors, outdoor recreation, nature, wildlife, public lands, or craft improvement related to one of the disciplines related to our profession. The book category also includes works with a connection to our profession (photography, writing, broadcasting, multimedia, etc.) All works must have been on a remunerated basis.
  2. Judges have the right to disqualify an entry should they determine it does not sufficiently represent one of the subjects described in Rule #1. Judges may elect not to award in any category, regardless of the number of entries, and may award more than one prize in any category up to two places. Ties are disallowed. Judges will not be members of OWAC and non-OWAC judges will certify they do not know the name of the author of the work they are judging.
  3. Entries must be received between March 1 and March 30, 2024. Entrants must have paid their 2024 OWAC membership dues at the time of submission. There is no limit to the number of entries that may be submitted per entrant in any given category. An entry in one category cannot be submitted in another category with the exception of a conference-related work, which can also be entered in Category 10. All entries except books are to be submitted as jpgs, pdfs, links (URLs), or other digital format. The name of the author need NOT be obscured.
  4. For books, a revised edition of a previously published book is acceptable, but it must be the first time the book in any edition has been entered in the OWAC Excellence in Craft contest.
  5. For websites or apps, submit links to the pages to be judged.
  6. Contest is open to all OWAC members. The fee to submit entries in all categories is $20 for the first entry and $10 for each subsequent entry.
  7. Article and Photo submission format – All entries, except books, must be submitted via the Zealous software link
  8. Book entry submission format – Mail to address below: (1) Two copies of the physical book or a link to an online entry, (2) Author’s Name, Email, Telephone, Postal Address, Category Number, Book Title, Where and When published, with Confirmation that 2024 dues are paid, and (3) check to cover the entry fees.
  9. Award Payments will be made to 1st Place $75 and 2nd Place $25 for categories with more than three entries. For fewer than three entries, Achievement Certificates will be awarded instead.


Entry Categories

  1. Short Article – under 750 words on any outdoor subject; All mediums (print, online, or broadcast) accepted.
  2. Long Article – more than 750 words on any outdoor subject; All mediums (print, online, or broadcast) accepted.
  3. Book – Non-fiction, fiction, and guidebooks related to the outdoors or craft improvement related to our profession. Two copies of each physical book or a link to an online entry must be submitted.
  4. Photography/Artwork – People – Main focus should be people in an outdoor setting or engaged in outdoor recreation. Photo/artwork must have been published.
  5. Photography/Artwork – Nature – Includes fauna, flora, seascapes, or landscapes. Photo/artwork must have been published.
  6. Audio – A podcast, webcast, or radio program.
  7. Video – A TV show, YouTube, Vimeo, web, or another video format.
  8. Internet Site – Must be your own website, blog, app, etc.
  9. California Conservation Article – Recognizes conservation projects/efforts that benefit California’s fish and wildlife through improving the state’s natural resources, waters, lands, mountains, or oceans on which they may depend. Entry may be in any format (written, image, audio, video, digital, or multimedia).
  10. OWAC Conference-Related Work – Any work (print, web, photographic, video, audio, digital, or broadcast), which has not been a previous winner, based on any OWAC conference, past or present.
  11. Writer and Photographer of the Year – Selected by the OWAC board of directors based upon a weighted average of winners in the other categories.


Questions and Book Submissions:

OWAC President Carrie Wilson

[email protected]t

P.O. Box 1033

Seaside, CA 93955


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