Congratulations to the winners of the OWAC 2021 Excellence in Craft Awards

Writer of the Year


Janet Fullwood & Phil Reedy


Category Winners


Category 1: News Article

1st:               Robert Semerau – WON SA 80 Too much dorado

2nd:             Thomas Martens – The CDFW Proposes New Trout Regulations

3rd:            Thomas Martens – Anglers May Have to Wait to Fish Some Areas


Category 2: Feature Article

1st:               Risa Wyatt – Elegy for a Vintage

2nd:            Monica Prelle – Ski communities are getting ‘crunched on all sides’

3rd:             Betsy Senescu – Cruising to Smuggler’s Cove


Category 3: Column

1st: (tie)        Janet Fullwood – Wildlife Photo of the Year Contest: Birds of a Different Color Win

1st: (tie)        Janet Fullwood – Persistence & Patience Rewarded Judges Agree on4-way Tie

3rd:              Risa Wyatt – Pandemic Ponderings


Category 4: Newsletter

1st:               Monica Prelle – Mono County Weekly


Category 5: Book

1st:               Tom Steinstra – 52 Weekend Adventures in Northern California

2nd:            Bob Gaines – Toproping: Rock Climbing for the Outdoor Beginner

3rd:             Jerold Hamza – The Zen of Home Water


Category 6: Feature Image

1st: (tie)       Phil Reedy – The Night is Young

1st: (tie)       Ray Rychnovsky – Great Egret Soaring

3rd:              Phil Reedy – Every Season is Fishing Season


Category 7: Action Image

1st:               Phil Reedy – Casting Lesson

2nd:            John Poimiroo – Mallard hen scatters spawning Kokanee salmon, Taylor Creek, Lake Tahoe

3rd:             Phil Reedy – Patience is Sometimes Rewarded


Category 8: Audio

1st:               Jack Eidt – Tribal Sovereignty and Self Determination with Manape LaMere and SunRose IronShell – EcoJustice Radio Ep. 52

2nd:            Jack Edit – Amazon Defenders Part Two: Criminalizing Activism – The Steven Donziger Case


Category 9: Video

1st:               Gigi de Jong – Ghost Mine in the Sky


Category 10: Digital Platform

1st:               Phil Reedy – Siskiyou Sonata

2nd:            John Poimiroo –

3rd:             Phil Reedy – Davis Potpourri


Category 13: John Reginato Conservation Award

1st:               Carrie Wilson – Guarding the Deep – A Brief History of the Marine Region


Category 12: Medium of the Year

1st:               John Poimiroo –

2nd:            Jack Eidt – EcoJustice Radio



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