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December 2021

From the Desk of Executive Director

Author: Bob Semerau

We've made it to the end of 2021. Fortunately for OWAC, the good far outweighs any difficulties we may have had and our future is looking good.
From the Desk of Executive Director, Bob Semerau

2021 Fall Conference Presentations

Phone Primer & Composition

By John Poimiroo
A cell phone camera in your hand is worth 50 pounds of SLR camera bodies and lenses around your neck. If you think of your phone camera as a poor backup to expensive professional gear, you’ll want to hear John Poimiroo’s craft improvement presentation “Camera Phone Primer,” in which he puts this myth to rest. He will discuss such things as six ways to change your cell phone perspective, nine different shooting modes, 10 filters for still photos, 20 composition adjustments, several photo editing features, and other controls previously found only on high-end professional cameras. You’ll even learn how to use Burst (Motor Drive) mode. Once John shocks his audience by describing the innumerable features on today’s latest cell phones, he demonstrates his points with 30 images of the highest quality taken with this pocket-size device. Bring your cell phone to this presentation and you’ll learn things you never thought of such as how to take pictures using the two volume buttons or how the home button can take you directly to the camera controls.

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John Poimiroo
Gigi de Jong

Navigating the OWAC website

By Gigi de Jong
OWAC member and previous Board member, Gigi de Jong, is the driving force behind the new OWAC.org website. She will present a tour of the site and show you how to navigate it to your best advantage. The new site is a dynamic avenue for members to promote their own work and get to know one another. It’s so much more than just a way for us to register new members and collect dues.
You, our members, produce some of the best outdoor content available anywhere and this site is a great showcase for your work. It’s a repository for excellent writing, photography, videos, podcasts and radio shows where the public can learn more about the outdoors and enjoy the bounty of our state and beyond.
OWAC membership opens the door to:
  • great networking opportunities with other members,
  • participation in our conferences and awards programs,
  • promoting your work on our blog and social media channels, and
  • increasing your knowledge and improving your craft.
Our new website brings this all together in one place. Learn how to publish your stories, enter contests, and register for our conferences. You can set your membership account to pay your dues automatically each year and never lose a moment of access. It’s easy, quick, and secure.

Stories from the OWAC 2021 Fall Conference

OWAC At Work

Author: Betsy Senescu (Crowfoot)

Caught in the act during our recent Fall Conference in Tuolumne: OWAC members get down to business!
OWAC At Work

Thank you to everyone who made the 2021 raffle wildly successful

Thank you to everyone who made the 2021 raffle wildly successful
Author: Barbara Steinberg

So many friends and members came forward with offerings; the raffle table was filled to capacity.

Lost and Found – The Search for Photos on the Road

Author: Laurie Morrison

Traveling solo up to and through Yosemite I was hopeful that – as a driver without a plan – I’d get more chances to enjoy random, unscheduled photo stops. Or might there be other complications and lessons along the way?
Lost and Found – The Search for Photos on the Road

Southern Yosemite Backpacking Loops

Southern Yosemite Backpacking Loops
Author: Inga Aksamit

Glacier Point is graced with some of the most stunning views in Yosemite National Park, with a panorama of peaks, valleys and waterfalls, including the iconic Half Dome rock formation front and center. There could hardly be a more spectacular start.

Richest Man Who Ever Lived at Lake Tahoe

Author: Tom Martens

This is a story about how two fish turned an outdoor writer into the richest man who ever lived at Lake Tahoe.
Richest Man Who Ever Lived at Lake Tahoe

StoryTeller Feature

StoryTeller Feature
Author: Peter Schroeder

The Hard Right

Thank you to all 2021 OWAC Fall Conference Attendees!

It is with great sadness and our sincere condolences to OWAC Board member, Carol Martens, on the passing of her son, Aaron Martens. Our thoughts are with you and your family.

In Memoriam - Aaron Martens (1972 – 2021)

By Dan O’Sullivan
As seen in the Nov. 26, 2021 issue of Western Outdoor News
In Memoriam - Aaron Martens (1972 – 2021)

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