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Falling for Yosemite Autumn is Awesome

Fall Equinox occurs around September 23rd each year. The sun crosses the celestial equator, from north to south, heralding the end of summer marking the official start of autumn. Days are getting shorter; shadows are longer; nights are cooler, and you can feel the change in the air. It’s inspiration

silhouette of person casting a line, fly fishing, at sunset

Fly Fishing Reading for a Rainy Day

I miss rainy winter days that provide an excuse to stay indoors and read obscure books, such as the chance to read the hundred-year-old fishing books in the library on the UC-Davis campus. Between books I noticed that the rain had stopped. Time to pack up and go fishing.

Mac Daddy returns

Owner operator, Scott McDaniels, had been out of the wheelhouse for a while. Sidelined when, after 20-years of fighting chronic embolisms in his left leg, the skipper decided to have the thing removed.

Saratoga Revealed!

California byways never disappoint. Interstates and boulevards wind their way through the outskirts of San Jose to Big Basin Way and Saratoga Village. The small-town charm and pedestrian-friendly Main Street beckons visitors to walk and explore Saratoga.

Penitentes of New Mexico

Traveling the back roads of New Mexico can be disorienting. The Old Pecos Trail and the Old Santa Fe Trail may pass through the outskirts of Santa Fe, but before I know it, the narrow roads can suddenly turn off to a dirt road winding through six-foot high walls of tumbleweeds and sagebrush.

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