All the parts came together on this one. The right boat, the right gear, the best weather, and the right bunch of guys for a fantastic couple of days on the water. And yes, insane fishing!
Sea Adventure 80 is the premier sportfisher for the fall 2-1/2-day charter hosted by Western Outdoor News each year.

Burrowing owl in flight

Tammy Kokjohn wins CAWW Photo of the Year 2020

I was born and raised in a small town, Ft. Madison, Iowa, right on the Mississippi River.  From a very young age, being outdoors was just what we did as kids, from the time the sun came up, till the porch lights came on at night.  My Dad helped develop my love of nature, spending time in the woods, fishing, drives out on the country roads, and taking me to spend time on my Grandparents farm.

Colusa Refuge Wildlife

There is nothing more mysterious than a flock of geese flying over above the fog – honking, but unseen. All day long in the Fall, they are flying in unseen V patterns. Where are they going? Many are of the geese going to the Colusa National Wildlife Refuge where they are resting during their cross …

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Remembering Alpers Ranch

A Brief History of Alpers’ Rainbows Beginning in the 1980’s Tim Alpers raised triploid Coleman strain rainbow trout at his Ranch at the headwaters of the Upper Owens River. In the pure spring water, these well-fed trout grew to enormous proportions, full-finned and gorgeous, then were sold to Mono and Inyo Counties and local businesses …

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No, this article has nothing to do with conifers in the high country. I’m talking about “evergreen” articles: stories and images that are always green and never go out of date. Tropical beaches don’t change over time. Neither do natural landscapes, happy faces, or beautiful sunsets. And I’ll explain how they can make you more …

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We Can Do This!

I always say, “Give me 90 seconds and I’ll show you the world.” But this is not my promise to you—on the contrary, it’s my challenge.
Story by John C. Robinson

Morning fog at the boat landing at Baum Lake

Tom garners three EIC Awards

Tom Martens wins two first place and one second place in award in the OWAC’s annual Excellence in Craft Awards for 2020. Best Outdoor News Article first place for “The Good Fight: Dam Removal” California Fly Fisher Magazine Best Outdoor Feature Article first place for “The Good Fight: Trout Regulations” California Fly Fisher Magazine Best …

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Take an Overland Adventure to These Five Fishing Destinations

Overlanding (self-reliant adventure travel) has become a popular pursuit in recent years. You may have seen stories, watched videos, or witnessed folks crisscrossing the U.S. and foreign countries in outfitted pickups, Toyota 4Runners, Jeeps, or Range Rovers. For those people, the experience of travel is the reward. The same is true for me, I just like to throw fishing into the mix when I’m on an overland journey.

Mobius Arch. Natural rock arch. Eastern Sierra.

Natural (Virtual) History tour of the Eastern Sierra

Our world is a world of wonder. Our big backyard is especially wonderful.
There are few places in the world where evidence of the natural history of a region is more obvious and interesting than in the Eastern Sierra. The forces that have shaped our world have produced an astonishing assortment of observable characteristics that give us insight into the creation of this part of our planet. These distinctive features present an opportunity to view, firsthand, the results of these forces. Aspects of nature that seem improbable and unexpected are wonderous and beautiful. Elements of geography and topography that appear inconsistent and disrupted have logical explanations. Everything here has happened for a reason and we are witness to the wonder of nature.

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