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Meade Fischer has a new book coming out in March

My new book will be available before the end of March. With the Sea Beside Me: An intimate guide to California's central and north coast will be available first on amazon.com and then hopefully soon to other stores. I'm planning a book talk trip up the coast this summer. Meanwhile, you can find it by title or by my name on amazon.com.

If you enjoy our state, particularly our magnificent coast, and if any of your travels could be seen as adventure, you'll find something in the book to enjoy and discover. This almost mile by mile guide/travel literature includes hiking, camping, kayaking, surfing, brew pubs, restaurants, some lodging, off the beaten track beaches and a selection of people too damn interesting not to stop and meet. 

Also, my new job is writing for a new publication: Monterey Bay News and Views. I'm doing some reporting and opinion pieces, but my favorite duty is a column on local outdoor getaways...Meade Fischer 

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