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Barge of a Boat is Beauty in Motion and Performance 

Lund Alaskan is as comfortable towing and hauling as it is fighting fish  

New York Mills, Minn. - One can only imagine what the Canadian fur trade of the 1600’s could have been if Gussy were there moving pelts and making money in a Lund Alaskan. Hudson’s Bay Fur Company would have been named “Gussy’s Goods” and his likeness still minted on the Canadian one dollar bill.

 In reality, Lund Pro Jeff “Gussy” Gustafson is a frontiersman guide who tasks his Alaskan with everything from ferrying trophy bucks upstream to deer camp to holding steady over a school of walleyes in rough waters. The Alaskan, and Gussy, are simply that multitalented. (PS. Gussy’s versatility also has him flinging Rapalas for bass from a Lund Predator on the FLW Tour.)

 So sit back and let the trapper and Lund rapper tell you the tale of the Lund Alaskan. 

More family-friendly features. Lund quality and craftsmanship. More fish in the livewell. All for a lot less money than you’d expect. Lund boats, built by fisherman for fisherman…and their families too.





New York, NY (March 6, 2012) – With sportsmen issues becoming more prevalent in today’s elections, InterMedia Outdoors is pleased to announce the launch of sportsmenvote.com — a powerful new website dedicated to sportsmen and the issues that will affect them most in the 2012 election.

“As the leading media resource for over 52 million hunters, shooters, and anglers, InterMedia Outdoors has a long history of providing information, inspiration and advocacy for the Sportsmen community,” says Jeff Paro, CEO of InterMedia Outdoors Inc.  “Sportsmenvote.com will serve the important role of keeping our communities informed and engaged.”    

“Our goal is to make sportsmenvote.com a resource for America’s 80 million sportsmen,” says Todd Smith, VP of Content Development. “We’re not taking sides or endorsing anyone. We're simply creating the place for sportsmen to learn about the issues that concern them most, find out where the candidates stand on those issues and make their voices heard.”

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Get a New View of Bird Life with NestWatch

Help track changes in bird nesting activities
For release: April 3, 2012
Ithaca, NY—Across the continent, birds are in a flutter of wooing and nest-building. Perhaps there’s an American Robin building her mud and grass bowl on your porch light or a Northern Mockingbird weaving a twiggy nest in your shrubs. If you find a nest nearby, you have a front-row seat to the daily drama of bird life. It’s also a perfect opportunity to become part of the NestWatch project at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. NestWatch has been tracking trends in the nesting success of hundreds of species of birds across the country for more than 40 years.
“It’s only when many thousands of volunteers are collecting data over a vast area that scientists can fully measure the impacts of environmental change and land-use on breeding birds,” says Jason Martin, NestWatch project leader. “Take climate change, for example. We need a massive amount of data to investigate the potential impacts that altered climatic patterns may have on breeding birds. If birds start nesting sooner, as some species are doing, they may eventually become out of sync with their food supplies.”

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Navionics announces a web based upgrade

Navionics is pleased to announce a web based upgrade path available through the Navionics Web Store for all Raymarine users owning a Navionics Silver chip (Micro SD bundled with Raymarine e and c Series). 

Navionics Silver users may upgrade to Gold XG (discounted end user prices starting from €/$169 + taxes), HotMaps Premium (end user price of $149 + taxes), Gold Small (end user prices starting from € 99 + taxes), using a user friendly web based interface. Eligible Silver chart codes include Ready to Navigate 91S, 92S, 93S, 94S, and 95S.


Why Upgrade to Gold or HotMaps Premium?

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Glen Helen Derby Results...

by Pickens, Beverly-Parks
273 Participants
279 Fish weighed
  1. 3lb  9oz - Henry Fabela, Pomona – small lake – pink power worm
  2. 3lb 3oz – Angel Chavez, Rialto – small lake – trigger jigs
  3. 3lb 2oz – Juventino Aguirre Urzua, Moreno Valley
  4. 2lb 10oz – Norm Stone, San Bernardino – big lake – corn power bait
  5. 2lb 8oz – Robert Hicks, Yucaipa

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RIG IT RIGHT: Hobie Mods from the Experts
You don't see such quality improvisation every day.    


Experience Canadian Heritage Rivers Photo Contest WINNERS!!! 


PALMER RAPIDS, ON, March 2012 – Parks Canada and the Canadian Heritage Rivers System partnered withCanoeroots magazine to present the 1st annual Experience Canadian Heritage Rivers Photo Contest. The contest received 280 eligible entries in four categories showcasing the 41 Heritage Rivers. The winning photographers received $6,000 in prizes provided by Parks Canada, the Canadian Heritage Rivers System, Black Feather, Teva, Salus, and Rapid Media.

And the winners are…

Parks Canada’s Canadian Heritage Rivers

1st Athabasca River – Yu Sheng

2nd Ottawa Locks – Rick Matthews

3rd South Nahanni River – Jason Kuruc

Canadian Heritage Rivers and You

1st Missinaibi River – Doug Hamilton

2nd Butcher’s Knife Rapid – Nick Troutman

3rd Bloodvein River – Rick Matthews

Canadian Heritage Rivers and Culture

1st Rideau River – Ryan Marko

2nd Missinaibi River – Doug Hamilton

3rd The Three Rivers – Dale Dewar

Canadian Heritage Rivers and Nature

1st Grand River – Justin Fabian

2nd Fraser River – Claudia Shwab

3rd Ottawa River – Lee Gilbert

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Sportfishing Industry Mourns Passing of Angling Legend Jose Wejebe

ASA extends its condolences to the family of fishing legend Jose Wejebe who died last Friday, April 6, in Florida. Jose “The Spanish Fly” Wejebe was an angler extraordinaire, TV host, conservation advocate and friend to the association and the entire sportfishing community. Jose also served as a spokesperson for KeepAmericaFishing™, sharing his commitment to marine conservation and sustainable fishing with anglers nationwide. He was loved by millions of anglers the world over for his passion for fishing and his unique ability to share that passion whether through his popular TV show or personally through the many appearances he made at shows and events across the U.S. He will be greatly missed.  More...